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I've had the pleasure of working in several positions that required me to travel domestically within the US. Additionally, I love to travel to marvelous destinations within the US. I've actually lived in Mississippi, Louisiana, California, New Jersey, Georgia, and New York. Through either personal or professional travel, I've been to almost every state within the US.


This trip was a gift to myself for completing my bachelor's degree. It was first international trip, so I was super excited about this experience. It was also my first Greyhound bus ride (from New Orleans to Tampa, roundtrip), which I have never ever ever taken a Greyhound bus again after that experience.


This night trip was possible as a quick stop to see the falls from Buffalo, NY (work trip).

United Kingdom and France

This was my first trip to Europe with one of my best friends, Tantreese.


I fell in love with Italy on this trip.


This was a work that went terribly wrong by day 2 in the India. First and only time I've been hospitalized outside of the US. Very scary experience to be as sick as I was and hospitalized; however, without my family and friends for support. The medications provided both orally and parentally in India were not effective to control the parasitic infection I acquired during my stay in Ahmedebad. Once I returned to the U.S., it still took a month to get my gastrointestinal system normal.

Turks and Caicos, Bahamas,

This was a cruise trip. I experienced my first scuba dive (beginner scuba) during this trip, which motivated me to become a certified scuba diver.

Turks and Caicos, Bahamas,

This was a cruise trip. I experienced my first scuba dive (beginner scuba) during this trip, which motivated me to become a certified scuba diver.


This was my first trip to China.

South Africa

This was my very first trip to Africa! Truly excited about setting foot on the motherland.



This was the first city in Italy that I didn't like. Unlike other Italian cities, finding a good restaurant in Florence was very difficult. We were so frustrated by the restaurants serving tasteless food, we even ate mcDonald's one day.

United Arab of Emirates

US (Puerto Rico), Virgin Islands, Barbados, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua, St. Kitts, Martinique

This was a cruise trip.


This was truly a last minute trip due to another scheduled trip postponed the day of travel.


This was a cruise trip with my family.


This was a work trip.

Hungary, Germany, Israel, Poland, Mexico

This was a work trip.


This was a work trip.



This was a cruise trip to Alaska and Canada.

Greece, Italy, Vatican City

This was a cruise trip.


This was a work trip.

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia,



This was a cruise trip.

Spain, Italy, France, Morocco

This was a cruise trip. This was also my mother's first trip to Europe and Africa. I was happy to experience
Morocco with her, unfortunately she wasn't excited about Europe or Africa. I mean who wouldn't be excited
about a trip to Africa, and to Morocco at that. It was disheartening that she didn't seen to enjoy Europe or
Africa, despite my efforts to share with her a little of what I experience traveling the world.

Cuba, Mexico


My first visit to Portugal.

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy

This was a cruise trip.


United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany

This was a work trip.

New Zealand, Fiji

South Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, United Arab of Emirates, Qatar

An amazing trip to say the least. I had the opportunity to visit 3 more African countries I had never been too, which I absolutely adored.

Costa Rica

After traveling for a month prior to this trip, I spent this entire trip just relaxing on the beach.
I usually spend my trips hiking, trekking, biking, diving, snorkeling, climbing, etc. I cancelled my
scheduled scuba diving just to chill and take time to just put my feet in the sand for a minute.

United Kingdom

This was a work trip.

Honduras, Belize, Mexico

This was a cruise trip and my second time to Belize and Honduras.



This was a much needed yoga retreat for myself.


This was a work trip.

Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro,

This was a cruise trip.

Dominican Republic

I had the opportunity to have an amazing underwater photo shoot in Dudu lagoon. Also on this trip, I
completed my first scuba dive in fresh water and in a cave system.

Maldives, Sri Lanka

South Korea, Hong Kong SAR, China, Taiwan

This was a work trip to South Korea and Taiwan that I squeezed in a person trip to Hong Kong,
Taipei, and Yilan (Taiwan).

Indonesia, Singapore

I celebrated my 40th birthday on the beach in Bali with great friends who traveled from the U.S. to attend my party. I have awesome friends!


I took advantage of a long layover and went out to see Shaghai for a minute. I was last in Shaghai in 2012.

United Kingdom, Tanzania, Kenya

Zanzibar was such a beautiful place to visit. Definitely, plan to visit again before my Tanzania visa expires and to hike Kilimanjaro.

South Africa

This was a work trip and my third trip to Cape Town. Of course, I took the time to visit one of my favorite restaurants. Willoghby & Co. Visited a part of Cape Town I had never been too (beachfront area of Camps Bay).

Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, SAR, China

This was my first attempt to move out of the U.S. I wasn't very successful at staying away from the U.S. as long as I really wanted to. But I continued my travel journeys as much as possible.


The beauty of evolution on Earth was remarkable to witness.

Singapore, South Korea

I finally fell in love with Singapore on my second trip there!


This was my second trip to Philippines.

United Kingdom, France

This was a wok trip where I got time to tour the local tourist spots.

Maldives, South Africa, Mozambique

This was my third trip to Maldives. I must love this place! (I do!). As it was my first visit to Mozambique, I was very excited to discover new territory.

Senegal, Gambia, Tunisia, Egypt

This was my second trip to Egypt and first for other countries. This part of Egypt was breathtaking!

Jordan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa,

This was my second trip to Tanzania. During this trip, I accomplished the toughest task I've ever chosen - hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. Truly the most difficult thing I've ever done.

Haiti, Dominican Republic

This was my first international deployment as an officer in the USPHS. It was a great opportunity to work with the other uniformed services during this joint mission.

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